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House of Graphs
GL Benchmark Datasets

It is intended to provide benchmark data for various classes of graph drawing algorithms. Below are some widely used, publically available data sets.

The newest addition are

  • DAGmar level graphs (12 MB)
    The DAGmar generator produces DAGs and level graphs. First, it uniformly samples the leveling, which optionally may be restricted in terms of the number of levels and the number of vertices per level. In a second step it draws the graph uniformly from the set of all connected graphs with this leveling. DAGmar also supports unleveled labeled graphs (DAGs), proper-leveled graphs, and random embeddings, i.e., the order of the vertices on the same level. DAGmar is written in Java, is platform-independent and has no other dependencies. Bundled with the generator is a suite of pregenerated level graphs, consisting of ten graphs per each combination of vertex number in {20, 40, ..., 400} and density in {1.6, 2.6, ..., 10.6}. The tgz-file also contains a technical report describing the sampling algorithm and the program usage.
Older benchmark are

In 2000, an effort to define GraphML, an XML-based data exchange format for graphs and graph drawings, was initiated.

The following data sets have been generated from the above collections. Each archive contains graphs with 10 to 100 nodes (see the included log file for additional statistics):

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