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House of Graphs

Graph Drawing is concerned with the geometric representation of graphs and networks and is motivated by those applications where it is crucial to visualize structural information as graphs.
Since graph drawing methods form the algorithmic core of network visualization, bridging the gap between theoretical advances and implemented solutions is an important aspect.

This site is a collection of resources mostly related to the annual International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization, but we anticipate the inclusion of, e.g., an overview of software tools in the future.


Nov 2014:Steering committee elections: Returning officer Franz J. Brandenburg announces that the GD community elected Alexander Wolff and Martin Nöllenburg to the steering committee 2015-2017.
Nov 2014:Steering committee elections: The voting period lasts until November 21, and you can vote for up to two candidates from the list of nominees.
Oct 2014:Steering committee elections: Nominations are sought for the upcoming election of two steering committee members. See the call for nominations for details.
Sep 2014:Symposium name: Following the creation of a second track for submissions in 2012, both the attendees of the business meeting during GD 2014 and the advisory board supported a move of the steering committee to extend the name of the symposium to International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization to express more clearly the intended coverage.
Jul 2013:Organizing GD: The GD steering committee published bidding guidelines for prospective organizers of the GD symposium.

This site is currently being hosted and maintained at the University of Perugia.